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Mysore Experiences:

   Anne Finstad and Friends - December 2003   January 2004  February 2004  March 2004

   Claire Hotchachka's Mysore Experience - published February 2003, but must have occurred before fall of 2002.
   (sorry, this article not available to general public)

   Cara Jepssen's Mysore Diary - March-April, 2002

   Alan Little's Mysore Diary - Nov 2001 - March 2002

   Christophe Mouze's Comments about Mysore - Nov 2001

  Lara Baumann's Mysore Experience - February, 2000

    Beverly Fredericks' Mysore Experience - 1994, followed by an article by Tim Miller

Online Articles about Pattabhi Jois:

    Basu, Kajal.    "K. Pattabhi Jois, the Guru of Workout Yoga."  Life Positive Magaine.   April 1997.

    Mead, Rebecca.    "The Yoga Bums:  The west beats a path to a guru's door."  The New Yorker.  August 12, 2000.

    Jepsen, Cara.    "Bright Tights, Big Yoga City."  Sep/Oct 2000.

    Stern, Eddie.    "The Jois of Yoga."   Hinduism Today International.  Jan/Feb 2001.

    Pew, Katherine.    "Repetition & Realization with Sri Pattabhi Jois."   Yoga International.   Aug/Sep 2001.

    Jepsen, Cara.    "Bright Tights, Resilient City."  Nov/Dec 2001.

Online Articles about Ashtanga Yoga:

    Cushman, Anne.     "Power Yoga."  Yoga Journal.  Jan/Feb 1995.   This link also includes "Ashtanga Mysore-Style," by Beverly Fredericks and "The Alchemy of Ashtanga," by Tim Miller.

    Cushman, Anne.  "New Light on Yoga."  Yoga Journal.  Jul/aug 1999.  44-49.


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